As the year continued its unremitting barrage of devastating events, it became clear that the world community desperately needed more volunteers to help victims cope with their fear and pain. From genocide in Cambodia to genocide in Kosovo, from tsunami-ravaged Thailand to earthquakes in India, and the continuing devastation of Katrina and the war in Iraq.these headlines have given "HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES" reason to be ready for action.

HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is a global VOLUNTEER organization providing help to the victims and to those wanting to help themselves. It is a non-profit corporation (501-C-3), which was established to provide humanitarian services such as volunteer medical teams, medical supplies and clinics, as well as humanitarian aid and livestock to those in need, mainly in Cambodia and other areas in Southeast Asia. While the organization's primary focus will be on Southeast Asia, Hearts Without Boundaries will also respond to global emergencies, whether man-made or natural.

In many rural areas of Cambodia, education is not always affordable. HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES will allocate its main resources to assist the less fortunate children and young adults from poor families in integrating themselves into the local schools, provide them a basic primary education through vocational, language, and customs training, and work hand in hand with other non-profit organizations to prevent the fast growing spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Cambodian society.

Having provided help mainly to the Kingdom of Cambodia, in conjunction with WORLD EMERGENCY RELIEF, the organization has delivered over three million dollars worth of prescription glasses and VitiMilk to those in need. HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES leaders are Peter Chhun and Lakhena Chhuon. Together they have delivered over 1 million dollars worth of food, clothing, household and medical supplies to the people in Cambodia.

In addition, Peter & Lakhena have also accompanied three different medical teams to Phnom Penh, working in coordination with the Ministry of Health to improve their Healthcare System.

Funding for HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES projects come from donations solicited through speaking engagements, direct mail appeal letters and fundraising events.

Volunteers pay their own trip expenses and carry in all supplies & personal support equipment for the duration of a given mission.

HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is committed to bringing hope and healing to those who suffer in these devastated regions around the world.

We are now happily accepting your gracious donation through Paypal service, the secure and easier way to pay online. We greatly appreciate your generosity.


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