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After our December mission to Cambodia, the exhausted but happy participants from Hearts Without Boundaries, Mending Kids International, the Philippine Heart Center and Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital savored a week of successes – five days of surgeries, 27 hearts fixed, 27 kids and 27 families who now have a future. Sadly, we lost the 28th child.

The loss was a painful reminder of how critically ill these children are. But we learned that even in sadness there is hope. We attended a memorial service in the boy’s remote village and in the midst of grief a young mother brought us her son, uncovering a small scar on his chest – Hearts Without Boundaries-sponsored surgeons had mended the heart of this healthy young boy less than a year before.

After a week of working with Calmette Hospital personnel, Dr. Gamponia Reynante, head congenital heart surgeon at the Philippine Heart Center hospital, told Hearts Without Boundaries before leaving how pleased and excited his group was with their experiences in Phnom Penh. Sharing knowledge was an important element of the week the medical personnel spent together and they are eager to return.

At Calmette there was a familiar scene each day – beaming parents headed home, mending children in their arms, the kids cheerfully waving farewell at anyone who walked past. And as one mother said, “I thank the medical team from the Philippines and Calmette Hospital. They are the best. My child now can go home and live a healthy life.”

Electricity was in the air as the dedicated medical teams from the Philippines and from Phnom Penh agreed to continue to work together again in order to save more lives and to share ideas and techniques.

It was a medical mission to remember, and one of the exciting outcomes was the scheduling of a two-week summer mission in Phnom Penh set for June 14-28.

From the bottoms of our hearts, we wish to thank our loyal Hearts Without Boundaries supporters, Mending Kids International, the heart hero Nels Matson and his T41Run group, the Philippine Heart Center, Calmette Hospital and the Cambodian Youth Movement for their continuing support.

A donation is only one click away. Please use the PayPal button and I assure you, your click will bring the warmest smile from poverty-stricken Khmer children suffering from the congenital heart defects.

With much respect,
Peter Chhun and the HWB team

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Your efforts count!

Thanks to you, fund-raising events such as "Between Our Hearts and Yours", have contributed greatly to helping save the lives of young and very sick cambodian children. Your participation, support, and heartfelt donations were much appreciated. And because of your efforts, the under-served Cambodian children who suffer from congenital heart defects may have a chance to live normal and healthy lives. In addition to saving babies, you are helping us train local physicians and cardiac surgeons so they better address the future needs of their citizenry .

"All proceeds and donations to Hearts Without Boundaries will help fund our yearly medical mission(s) to Cambodia; provides sponsorship for children suffering from severe congenital heart defects that require immediate medical attention in the United States and other countries."

Since our medical team from UCSD and Children Hospital Wisconsin repaired the hearts of 14 poverty-stricken Cambodian children in January of 2013, we have received a number of calls from parents, looking for a miracle. Their voices prompted Hearts Without Boundaries to send more medical professionals to Cambodia.

In the meantime, HWB is looking for a hospital and cardiac team in the U.S. that can provide lifesaving open-heart surgery for our fifth child. We are hoping to find a hospital and cardiac team that would donate the time and use of the facility.

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Each child lives a normal and healthy life. Miracles do happen!

Bunlak’s journey to find a cure

VIDEO before surgery

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Socheat’s journey

VIDEO before surgery

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Soksamnang’s journey

VIDEO - KSNV, Chanel 3 News

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Davik’s journey

VIDEO - "IMAGINE", produced by Children Hospital Los Angles

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On August 25, 2012, Mended Little Hearts of Volusia Country (www.volusiacounty.mendedlittlehearts.net) hosted a 2012 Fund-raising Gala honoring Hearts Without Boundaries at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort.

Coordinators were  Shannan Wierzbiki and Kristie Merklin and the video, “Between Your Heart and Mine,” was produced and directed by Shannan Wierzbiki.

To watch the video please click here.

From the bottoms of our hearts, the HWB team would like to thank Shannan and Kristie and their friends for recognizing and supporting our efforts in finding a cure for poor Cambodian children suffering from congenital heart defects.

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Today, the call for action has never been clearer, more urgent, or more desperate.

From the genocide in Cambodia to a brutal war in Iraq; earthquakes in the mountains of Pakistan to tsunami-ravaged coasts of Thailand; flooding in Louisiana as drought worsens in Africa; an unremitting barrage of world suffering has cast enormous hardship and fear across the globe.

The headlines speak for themselves. But for those who cannot-the innocent victims of these horrific events-Hearts Without Boundaries has been formed.

HEARTS WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is a global VOLUNTEER organization providing help to the victims and to those wanting to help themselves. It is a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3), which was established to provide humanitarian services such as volunteer medical teams, medical supplies and clinics, as well as humanitarian aid and livestock to those in need, mainly in Cambodia and other areas in Southeast Asia. While the organization's primary focus will be on Southeast Asia, Hearts Without Boundaries will also respond to global emergencies, whether man-made or natural.

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For the first time, Hearts Without Boundaries was able to offer life-extending heart surgeries to destitute Cambodian children in their home country rather than bringing them to the United States. During a five-day medical mission in January 2012, doctors from California and Wisconsin repaired the hearts of 15 impoverished children free of charge at Angkor Hospital for Children - all paid for by Hearts Without Boundaries and Variety Children's Lifeline International. For Hearts Without Boundaries, which has brought four children to the United States for surgeries over the last four years, the recent medical mission was a blessing and proved to be a much more efficient way to treat the children. In five days, the number of children treated was more than three times what the nonprofit achieved over the past four years. The cost, being modest, was just a little over $3,000 per child. The added benefit of these missions is that surgeons train Cambodian health professionals to be able to one day perform the surgeries.

Their journeys to find medical care halfway around the world have touched so many hearts, and also have been chronicled in many newspapers and television broadcasts around the globe.


While our work is tremendously gratifying, it is only a drop in the bucket. Tragically, recent research shows more than 100,000 children in Cambodia suffer from congenital heart defects, with very few ever receiving treatment. In order to aid these children and continue to train local health staff, Hearts Without Boundaries is working with YOU, as donors, to send more medical teams from the United States and other countries to work at least once every six months at the cardiac facility in Cambodia. It is a WIN-WIN project.


Our group of doctors that once performed minor repairs, called PDAs, has been able to discontinue performing these surgeries because physicians at Angkor Hospital are now able to do them. At this time, we envision sending more medical teams from the United States and other countries to perform mainly open-heart surgery at the local "heart center". Besides saving the lives of impoverished children, the ultimate goal would be to train the local pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons to perform open-heart surgeries on a regular basis. We would expect that within approximately five years, the local health professionals will be able to provide definitive care as an independent pediatric cardiac team to most of the children in Cambodia who have serious congenital heart defects.


"Hearts Without Boundaries doesn't retain any paid staff. Therefore, one hundred percent of all donations to HWB cover the general expenses of our yearly medical missions to Cambodia. These expenses help to cover cardiac teams from the United States and other countries go to perform heart surgeries on destitute children suffering from less complicated congenital heart defects. It also provides transportation to the U.S. and other countries, as well as medical care for impoverished Cambodian children suffering from severe heart defects, providing medications and nutritional supplements, rice and noodles, and educational supplies to needy children and parents in rural areas of Cambodia."

In addition, we work closely with other nonprofit organizations in fighting the fast growing HIV/AIDS epidemic.


We are now happily accepting your gracious donation through Paypal service, the secure and easier way to pay online. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

Hearts Without Boundaries is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization as classified and recognized by the IRS. Your donation may be fully deductible under IRS guidelines. Please consult your tax advisor as to the full benefits of giving to an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) organization. Federal Tax ID# 32-0174536.

Our hearts wish to thank yours in advance.

With much respect,
Peter Chhun
President & Founder

We are now happily accepting your gracious donation through Paypal service, the secure and easier way to pay online. We greatly appreciate your generosity.



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