Chantha Bob

Chantha Bob is a young survivor of the Cambodian genocide. Bob and half of his family fled the war torn country into Thailand seeking refuge in 1979. While the fate of the other half of his family remained unknown in Cambodia, Bob came to the United States in 1982 through sponsorship, under the status of refugee. Bob start his first formal schooling at seventeen years of age, at West Albany High School in Oregon. Bob recalls his feeling "I have a chance to learn now". He then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a Minor in Japanese at Oregon State University, completing his degree in 1992.

Bob worked at Hewlett Packard for nearly ten years before venturing into something he calls his own. He is currently an Operations Manager for Sophy's Restaurant in Long Beach, California, and has dedicated over eight years to the success of the family owned and operated business. He is also now in graduate school pursuing a Masters in Education, looking to work with underserved children in third world countries, especially Cambodia, where education is inaccessible to most.

In 1996, Bob traveled to Cambodia for the first time to reunite with his family. In doing so, he toured the war torn villages of his family's past, which inspired Bob to pursue opportunities to enhance the living conditions of the local villagers. Bob has since returned to Cambodia on several occasions with humanitarian efforts; supplying bags of rice, vitamins, clothing, cooking utensils and monetary donations to the families with simple donations made by his immediate family and friends.

Bob is currently a board member of Hearts Without Boundaries, a non-profit organization. Through his work in this organization, he successfully assisted in locating a child in Svay Chhrom, Battambong Province, Cambodia, to bring to the United States for life saving open-heart surgery.

Bob's personal strength and motivation comes from the dearest person in his life, his mother. His foundation, inspirations and ideas were solely the products of his devotion to ensure that his mother would not suffer as many predicted, being a widow with eleven children. This is Bob's feeling, "I just want to give back what was once sacrificed for me."

Personal Quote: "Volunteering can be a thankless job, but you do so not for the fame or the fortune, but for something you feel good about; and the beautiful part about it is that you don't need to have a PHD to care, you just need a heart. And my heart is 'without boundaries'."


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