Peter Chhun

Peter Chhun is an Emmy-award-winning news editor/producer for NBC Network News.

In 1970, Mr. Chhun began his long career with NBC News as a cameraman covering the Indochina wars in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Since that time, he has covered countless news events across the globe on just about every continent on the planet.

Out of the Rice Fields and into the Television Industry

Peter Chhun was born in a remote Cambodian village that had no electricity or running water. Being poor country farmers, the members of his family could neither read nor write. Upon the urging of his parents, Peter traveled to the town of Siem Riep where he was fortunate enough to receive mentoring from the Buddhist monks there and also continue his formal education.

When war broke out in South East Asia fortune again came his way when he joined a NBC News team based in Cambodia. Then, in 1975 (through NBC's evacuation plan) Mr. Chhun escaped the Khmer Rouge when they captured Phnom Penh and claimed victory in Cambodia. Upon arriving in the United States, he settled and worked for NBC News in Los Angeles as an editor.

Since then Mr. Chhun has distinguished himself in the Cambodian-American community in Long Beach through a number of charitable works and activities. He has assisted refugee families settling in the United States, provided an outlet for troubled teenagers in the Cambodian community, produced and directed the first major Miss Cambodian-American Beauty Pageant, and many other notable endeavors. Recently, in conjunction with Cambodia Town Corporation and Phnom Penh Sisters City, he helped establish the first ever Cambodian New Year Parade in Long Beach, California.

Mr. Chhun continues to work tirelessly with the government of Cambodia and other Cambodian non-profit organizations (such as "Cambodian Women For Peace and Development") to help promote human rights awareness and the fight against human trafficking (especially among Cambodia's poorest children), to help improve the country's substandard health care system, and to promote both business and tourism in the country of his birth.


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