Socheat's Heart Mission: Acknowledgments

It has been long and rough ordeal for our toddler Socheat from Cambodia. After a rocky start, our journey to find a cure for her dying heart at Children's Hospital in Santiago, DR, has been a tremendous success, far exceeding all our hopes and expectations. We have crossed the largest ocean of our lives in a little canoe. We survived all the storms and gigantic waves. We capsized a number of times but we managed to get up and kept paddling. To those who do not know us, Hearts Without Boundaries is a very small non-profit organization based in Long Beach, CA. Our dreams are big, though our resources are limited; we can only save one life at a time. Despite the ups and downs, twists and turns, after walking out of the hospital doors on April 26 into the heat and humidity of Santiago, Socheat began to shine. She walked. She talked. She played.

But now, just as Socheat's heart is pumping stronger than ever before, it's time to go. On May 1, Socheat and her small group will travel back to Long Beach, CA. Then, in a couple of months she and her father will be accompanied back to their little hut in a remote Cambodian village. Soon, Santiago will be far away -- remembered as only an incredible place where a sick little girl received YOUR wonderful generosity.

Let's celebrate this incredible journey we have shared together.

Giving full and proper recognition to all those whose hearts have been touched by Socheat's heart is difficult, but a handful of individuals so deeply touched ours that we must acknowledge their contributions as volunteers, doctors, nurses, interns or as individuals.

Our first and foremost recognition must be given to our dear friends Pediatric Cardiologist Paul Grossfeld and his wife Susan, who were the driving force behind the happy ending to Socheat's story.

To Dr. William Novick, International Children's Heart Foundation, who accepted Socheat's case and introduced us to his International cardiac team in Santiago, DR. We will always be thankful.

To the doctors, nurses and interns at the Children's Hospital in Santiago, DR, who have accepted us like their own families, whose words stimulated our strength and courage, and who on some occasions, shared ideas with us as together we sought to help save more poor and sick children in third world countries.

  • Dr. Juan Ramirez : Pediatric Cardiologist : D.R.
  • Dr. Ysaac Heredia : Cardiovascular Surgeon : D.R.
  • Dr. Deivy Cruz : Perfusionist : D.R.
  • Dr. Thirsa Brito : Intensivist : D.R.
  • Dr. Arelis Fernandez : Pediatric Cardiologist Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Isabel Morel : Pediatric Cardiologist Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Rosi Mary Cabreja : Pediatric Cardiologist Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Berenice Rojas : Cardiologist Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Rosalia Cedeno : Pediatric Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Idaisis Nunez : Pediatric Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Ana Jimenez : Pediatric Resident : D.R.
  • Dr. Franchesca Tavarez : General Practice : D.R.
  • David Arthur : Intern : D.R.
  • Amy Espinal : Intern : D.R.
  • Orlanda Ferreria : Intern : D.R.
  • Maralee Bisono : Intern : D.R.
  • Mahony Jerez : Intern : D.R.
  • Bisael Madera : Intern : D.R.
  • Fidelina Cepeda : Nurse : D.R.
  • Marleni Leon : Nurse : D.R.
  • Marienny Almengo : Nurse : D.R.
  • Diogenes Arias : Nurse : D.R.
  • Elizabeth Pena : Nurse : D.R.
  • Angela Rosario : Nurse : D.R.
  • Ingrid Castillo : Nurse : D.R.
  • Romy Mary De Leon : Nurse : D.R.

We are grateful to all our new friends on the cardiac team from the International Children's Heart Foundation, who worked long hours to help save Socheat's life.

  • Dr. Rodrigo Soto : Cardiothoracic Surgeon : Chile
  • May Chan : Instrumentist Nurse : Australia
  • Srikan Patankar : Anesthesiologist : India
  • Elizabeth Cortes : Perfussionist Nurse : USA
  • Dr. Enrique Carrion : Pediatric Cardiologist : Puerto Rico
  • Dr. Michelle Dominico : Intensivist : USA
  • Dr. Juan Boriosi : Intensivist : Argentina
  • Frank Malloy : Nurse : England
  • Yvonne Castaneda : Nurse : USA
  • Cinthya Thompson : Nurse : USA
  • Isabel Rojo : Nurse : Chile
  • Jane Lee : Intern : USA

Also, our sincere appreciation to Julia Lirio De Herrera, Prisedenta Voluntariado Jesus Con Los Ninos, and Mayra Genao and their volunteer team from Dr. Arturo Grullon Children's Hospital, who played a valuable role in keeping Socheat entertained with stuffed animals and a visit from a clown and a mermaid, and provided food to Socheat's father Phin every day during his stay at the hospital. From the depth of our hearts, our sincere THANK YOU to all donors in the Long Beach area and beyond, who believed in our perseverance, strength and courage in trying to find a cure for Socheat's heart defect. We at Hearts Without Boundaries want you to know that YOUR heartfelt generosity saved her life.

And, of course, to our families, who give us continuing reasons to pursue what we most believe in, and whose inspiration and encouragement keep us searching for new ways to save more destitute children’s lives.

With much respect,
Hearts Without Boundaries

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